Quem somos

Our story:

Since 1976 we  carry out studies and valuations that bring security to decision making  and enable the best opportunities for our clients.

Expertise in prospecting and negotiation of Real Estate for various purposes. In our portfolio we have valued more than 100,000 properties,  and great know-how in medium size and large companies.

Recognized, recommended and accepted by the most prestigious regulatory, judicial, and fiscal agents,as well as by major financial institutions and investment funds, we work in partnership with national and multinational companies in constant  search of new methodologies and specific solutions to meet continued evolving market demands.

We have  Gordon Brothers as a partner, one of the largest asset monetization and valuation companies in the world, founded in 1903.


  • 1976

    Planconsult Foundation

  • 1978

    First large scale valuations.

    In excess of  $1 Bi.

  • 1980

    Thousands of Valuations

    Servicing  sectors such as  Steel, Cement, Pulp and Paper, and Financial.

  • 1990

    More than $50 Bi valued

    During the NPP – National Privatization Program, including the entire National Telecom Industry in

  • 2000

    More than 70,000 Real Estate valued

    Valuation of a major part of the Fixed Assets ($ 70 Bi) for Electric Energy  (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) and Telecom national industries.

  • 2010

    Largest Fixed Assets Management Project

    Mobile Telecom Concern (8,000,000 pieces of equipment in 14,000 locations).

  • 2016

    Planconsult and Gordon Brothers Partnership

  • 2017

    New Brand Planconsult


Edgar V. Salem

Executive Director

Ronald Bryan Salem

Executive Director

Eddy Salem

Business Director


Deliver  a tailored consulting service with  upmost trust and quality, in partnership with national and multinational companies, always in search  of new methodologies and specific solutions to meet the markets evolving demands.


To be recognized as the most prestigious consulting company in all areas involving Assets, for technical quality, ability to propose innovative solutions, disruptive performance and vast experience and knowledge of numerous industries.




We value reliability and integrity;


We are move by challenges;


Constant search for perfection in services offered;


Constant research for perfection in the services offered;


We honor the deadlines agreed with our clients;


We have established long-term relationships with clients, employees and stakeholders.